Complete the procedures of  founding of the companies, documenting them to the targeted institutions as well as taking the permissions to carry out its activity.  
Registration of the foreign companies for the relevant departments and opening offices and branches to represent them with providing all the facilities to practice their activity.
Doing all the official contracts, protocols and the ratification on the valid signature.
The legal translation for all the documents and  approved by relevant departments.
Taking the commercial authorization  “factorizations” and trade marks and completing all of their procedures.
Providing all the administrative and informational facilities for the companies,Libyan businessmen and the foreigners.
Service of investigation and providing all the information and studies before contracting. (Commercial Investigation).
Legal representation as well as negotiation in all contracts, disputes and the commercial transactions.
Giving the alternative solutions for the disputes in business transactions.
Arbitration in the contracts of the companies, banks and the contracts of oil companies, engineering and the FIDEC contracts and BOT.
Writing out the meetings of the general assembly of all the companies.
Organizing all the official meetings.


Tax and customs consultations, local and foreign projects to help them by getting benefits from the
systems of exemptions that they granted to them legally.
Legal consultations about Libyan commercial law.
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