Mr Hisham Younus Al-Zuhaywi’s office.
With increasing of intertwinement of relations and trade interests between the countries, institutions, companies and also between businessmen from different countries which made the legal consultation more important than before especially with existence of a lot of laws and trade resolutions and its prongs as well as its difference from a place to other.
if someone desires to do something or a trade activity, he/she needs to recognize the legal frame that enable him/her move in it without putting him/herself or his/her interests in jeopardy. so it is necessary  to organize these trade and economic relations.
there was a need for a legal adviser to provide a legal advice for the companies’ firms” and institutions according to the applicable laws and legislations.  
Hisham is a reliable legal consultant at the service of companies and institutions in many scopes like founding of companies, contracts, estates, commercial businesses and international commercial arbitration.
an official notary in the court of appeal- Tripoli under the decision of notaries register committee No7 – 2010. as well as registered in the schedule of notaries in the administration of inspection on the judicial bodies No 1366.
Our office has been founded on 2010 under a decision by a notaries committee according to the Libyan law and applicable laws and regulations in Libya.
Registration number in the syndicate of notaries 523.
Scientific qualification  ” Bachelor’s degree” ( 2004-2005).
Legal advisor as a collaborated.
Notary assistant 2007-2010.
Official notary 2010.
a member at the syndicate of notaries.
International arbitration member.
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